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How to Plan an Offshore Trust Fund

Previously, offshore trust funds were synonymous with the super wealthy cream of the British citizenry. The offshore accounts were used for tax evasion on income and capital gains and later pass on their estates to generations after them without parting with a penny of inheritance tax. However, successive clampdowns by HMRC have made these investments unattractive, yet they are among the most lucrative options for, any investors today.

But What Are Offshore Trust Funds?

A trust is a legal entity created when one person (trustor) transfers assets to another or to a company (trustee) to manage and hold it for the benefit of others (beneficiaries) named in the entity. The trust can be established during the lifetime of a settler or upon death based on the will and testament left. Read More...

Why are Customer Services Important for a Business?

Importance of Customer Services

For a new business to thrive, it is extremely important that it finds ways to attract new customers. Marketing is one of the best ways of doing this. However, generating new leads is not that simple and just marketing is not enough to draw people towards a new business. Customer services can play a big role in enhancing the growth of a business. It can not only increase sales but also help in retaining the customers that you already have. Therefore, it is extremely important that you try to improve your customer service as much as possible and provide a more satisfying experience to your customers. 

Reasons Why Customer Services are Important

The following are some of the reasons why customer service is the most important component of any business.    

It Builds Trust

With so much competition these days, it is vital that you keep hold of your customer base and stop them from jumping ship. Even if you are providing a high quality product, if the customers feel that they are not being cared for then they will surely leave you and switch to your competitor. With good customer service you can ensure that your customers remain happy and have no reason to move to another business. Thus, good customer service can help in creating customer loyalty and building their trust in your business.    Read More...

Starting a trust fund

How it works

There are many tools for financial provision available to the public, including retirement savings accounts, stocks, and many mortgage and loan schemes, just to name a few. Each one of these options has its own features and its range of usefulness, so depending on your needs and interest, some would be interesting for you while others would have nothing to offer.

One of the main schemes available for long term financial provision is the trust funds. There are several types of trust funds for a number of purposes, but in essence, they all work the same way, with some particular differences in each case. Many people have heard something about what a trust fund is, altough few can actually say how it works, so first of all, let's clarify the concept by starting from the very beginning: what is a trust fund? Read More...

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