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ABOUT US........

Scotland Trust Fund is one of UK’s most reputed Trust Funds that are actively engaged in handling and management of finances for the preservation of historical buildings across the country, as well as providing loans to organizations that are engaged in this direction. On the whole, we are a building preservation trust fund, which look into managing the finances of our member bodies, as well as providing them with loans and the necessary financial assistance in order to carry out their objectives.

Restoration and Upkeep of Our National Heritage

In line with the sole purpose of ensuring the proper maintenance as well as the upkeep of our historical buildings, the Scotland Trust Fund has been established by a group of like-minded organizations engaged in this very pursuit. Very often, with tax liabilities and other funding issues, it becomes difficult to manage the finances of an organization, be it an NGO or a private organization. With this aim, the Scotland Trust Fund has been formed. With its establishment, there is a lot more accountability and transparency in terms of where and how the funds are getting allocated in order to fulfill the objectives of the member organizations. 




Our Specialized Branches

Historical Building Preservation in itself is a complex affair, and requires a lot in terms of expertise, knowledge and funds. Even though we function as a single entity as far as overall operations and funds management are concerned, we have divided our trust fund into specialized branches for the purpose of functional efficiency. These specialized branches include the Trust Fund for Restoration of Old Churches and Chapels, the Architectural Trust Foundation for Repair of National Monuments, Committee for the Protection of Industrial Sites, and last but not the least, the Scotland Trust Fund for the Repair and Maintenance of Commercial Buildings.

Organizations under our wings

Having funded the reconstruction and repair activities of thousands of historical buildings across UK, we have a sizeable number of organizations of diverse types under our wings. Over the years, we have earned a distinct reputation for being the most trustworthy platform for funds allocation to achieve the purpose of building preservation. No matter how big or small your organization is, if you support the cause of rescuing historic buildings and preserving our national heritage, you are more than welcome to join us in this noble endeavor. We are extremely receptive to all kinds of queries, and you can feel free to give us a call any time you want!

Setting the Highest Standards of Transparency

When it comes to the raising, management and allocation of funds, it definitely goes without saying that Scotland Trust Fund ensures the loftiest levels of transparency in accounting. Each and every penny that lies within our scrutiny is well accounted for, and we are in absolute compliance with all the necessary governmental norms and regulations in this regard. We have regular internal as well external audits conducted in order to ensure that our work standards are not compromised with at any given point of time.


Fostering Accountability for Every Single Penny that is placed under our supervision.

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